Sunday, 10 October 2010

Autumn has arrived and we nearly have the new workshop

So another week has passed, Autumn is officially upon us and what have we done? Well, the workshop is nearly finished I'm pleased to say and we are very, very happy with it! The Father and son team of builders have worked their socks off in good weather and bad - they have been a delight.

So, now we can't wait to start moving in.........

Look at the great roof lights and storage space!

The ceiling goes in this week along with the new doors. Then we can start the painting process and working out exactly how we can make best use of this new space.

Meanwhile we have finished quite a few "bits". The final colouring of the cane in the five medallion backed dining chairs.....

And the re-rushing of the seat in the "one chair from two", (see the original pair of chairs here)

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