Sunday, 17 October 2010

The builders have finished!

The day has arrived...........the builders have gone and the shell of the building is finished. Now OUR hard work begins. We made the obligatory trip to B&Q yesterday to buy paint, loft ladders, wood etc. finally getting back to base at about 2pm. Then we began the massive job of sanding the walls and ceiling where filler has been used to cover the plasterboard seams and screw holes. Oh wow, after just one hour we looked like snowmen and even after three hours of hard labour, we'd only managed to sand the walls and half of the ceiling! So guess what we'll be doing all day today.........

Meanwhile, a mystery in the garden.

What is this bird? It's never visited the garden before and when it did yesterday, all of the other birds flew around it and chased it off. It reappeared this morning to have another bath in the rockery.

The green woodpecker came back too.

So pretty!

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