Friday, 1 October 2010

Announcing the basket design inspiration prize!!

We're working on creating DIY kits for baskets, so would love to hear your ideas of just what type of basket you would like to see. Would you want practical or decorative, modern or traditional, coloured or natural, textured or smooth, tiny or HUGE........................Whatever! Here's some I made earlier.

Just e-mail me or comment here on the blog with your suggestions and ideas. There will be prizes for the most inspirational suggestions, some Dorset goodies....................

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Nikita-Marie said...

Hmm how about a spice rack, id love one that had perfect sections for my spices that keep them tidy rather than a shelf, Kitchen towel holder, love the french stick basket. Bathroom Basket, potato basket (love this idea) veg basket for ones you dont keep in the fridge. Any good??


Leanne said...

ok, how about decorative woven wall pockets- for displaying seasonal dried grasses, sprays of berries , ears of wheat etc- i think it would look lovely.

woven cornucopias too :-)

what about a woven potbelly type basket, rather like an old stewpot or cauldron (that shape?) with a lovely curved handle?

its its kits , you'll need beginner. intermediate and advanced levels, so how about beginner-= woven placemats, then intermediate a breadbasket, and maybe advanced a covered serving dome?

Leanne x

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

I have an idea - it may sound odd but I have alot of baskets in my downstairs loo where I keep perfume samples etc - (or those toiletries you BORROW from hotel rooms. What I would like is a woven toilet roll store ie. it would be an upright basket that you could stack say six toilet rolls and the bottom one (excuse the pun!) rolls out waiting for when you need to replace the wall t roll holder. Do you get what I mean? (ie. pull bottom one out next one rolls down.)
Just an idea - and shouldn't be too complicated to make just a tall box with a lid. - Easy for me to say - I've never done basket weaving !!!!