Saturday 28 April 2012

A bereavement

It doesn't seem to make any difference at all how fully you understand that someone is seriously ill and likely to die, when the time comes, it is still a shock. Mother in Law died at 9.50am today. She had been in a dementia care home for just over two years. At the beginning of February she decided that she no longer wanted to eat or drink and quite honestly other than tube feeding, there was not a lot that anyone could do to change things. Her sisters were visiting regularly and reported that she was "drifting away", staring through the window and hardly speaking. She would have the occasional spoonful of ice cream, but not not nearly enough to keep even a bird alive. I did my research and it seems that this is not unusual in late stage Alzheimer sufferers, the brain can apparently stop sending out  hunger, thirst and even pain messages to the body. It is such a cruel disease.

She is at peace now, no more confusion or fear.


Sarah - The Lilac Dragonfly said...

So sorry to hear of your loss...Alzheimers is one of the worst diseases
, it robs you of your loved one long before the end. Thoughts are with you and your family
Sarah x

Kim said...

Thank you for being so thoughtful Sarah. xx

Leanne said...

sending hugs, a difficult time for those left behind, but as you say, no more fear and confusion for her,

hugs, Leanne x

Kim said...

Thanks for understanding Leanne, difficult times, but we have to be strong - never easy, but we'll get there! xx

Jeremiaha 29:11 said...

Sending thoughts & prayers at this sad time........I have a memory of her looking after you Kim when you had just had Jonanthan then making sure I could cook & look after you when she went home lol...keep hold of the vibrant years
Take care, God Bless, much love
Ann, Rich & Kiera xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kim said...

Thank you Fan xx

PS The box of goodies went down a treat thank you!

Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Oh Tim, I'm sorry to hear of your mother's passing and also that I missed seeing this post until now, a month later.

Hope that time is healing your sense of loss for the both of you left behind, but know that your mother is now at peace and your lives will go on.

It's almost a year now since my father passed away, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him still. At least now however, I can speak about him without crying.

My maternal grandmother died of Altzheimer's too, so know what you were going through the last several years. I watched her downward slope for quite a while, what a shame.

Love and hugs to both you and Kim and the entire family.

The Wicker Woman--Cathryn Peters

Kim said...

Thank you for your kindness Cathryn. The funeral was on Wednesday, they held a memorial service at the nursing home where she spent the last two years. x