Monday, 25 October 2010

And now for something completely different.........

Cane panelling.

You see it all over the place, but mostly in chair seats and bedheads. Well, we had an interesting request last week, it went something like this,

"I have a 1966 American Dodge car and it's got some kind of cane panelling on the door and seat backs, if I send you a picture, can you tell me whether you have it?"

We've seen and worked on cars with centre cane seats like the Fiat Jolly......we've even helped out weaving a chair seat for an antique aircraft and endless canoe seats...... we've supplied plastic cane panelling for the boot of a Bentley, the sides of a horse carriage and the cabins of boats...........but the interior of a Dodge?!!!!

Yes, the interior. It's lovely! Look at all that detail, very special. Now my other half wants to know what the outside of the car look like, (motor head!)

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Jason said...

I'll get some exterior pics over to you