Thursday, 23 September 2010

We are still working despite the chaos!

Well I realised that I haven't updated the work in progress for ages now, (too carried away with the excitement of the construction). So this last two weeks, what else have we been doing? There is a complete rebuild of one chair from two. Luckily one chair had broken seat rails but the rest of the frame is in reasonable, retrievable condition, whilst the other had a completely broken frame but perfect seat rails.

The "one chair from two" is now waiting for the glue to set so that we can put a new seat on tomorrow.

The porch rocker was also finished last week and will go home tomorrow:

We have also finished three rush ladderback chairs, a couple of cane panels and joy of joys, a set of five medallion backed dining chairs. Apart from that we've had two deliveries of materials but had no space for them in the store, so guess where the four foot high by three foot pile is currently lurking - in the breakfast room!! Roll on getting a new workshop.

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