Friday, 9 September 2011

Last minute job

Still a bit tacky, but finally I have got around to repairing, cleaning and refinishing this French medallion table top that we have had for years. At last it can be reinstated in pride of place at the back of our stand, (without me feeling embarrassed that it is grubby and unloved!)

Now we really are ready for the show tomorrow - I think!


Rachael said...

I guess it's called a medallion table top due to the piece in the centre? And what is that kind of lattice work called please? (Not sure if it's called lattice, woven maybe? )
Nice job, it looks very smart.

Kim said...

Yes it's a medallion because of the suspended bit in the middle Rachael and the lattice bit is rattan cane, the same sort of stuff that you see in chair seats. It's just been woven in an ever so slightly different pattern so that you get this sunray effect. Glad you like it!

keith said...

I tried to do a similar table whilst on holiday in Spain last year but, the medailon was not central and uit does not look right.

I will do it again this winter, have you any tips on: -
1. getting the medalion central;
2. starting the initial threading
3. keeping the centre tidy

Kim said...

Keeping it central is a question of constant measurement and making sure that you don't pull some canes tighter than others. The threading and neatness aspects are down to patience!! To get a good finish you have to pay as much attention to the weaving of the last cane as the first. Good luck with the Winter project Keith.