Saturday 18 July 2015

More Lampshades

Once again I've neglected this blog. I could blame the amount of work that's being going on... life's happenings in general.... visitors... housework....any number of things, but in truth it's probably because Facebook has become the place where I now keep a log of daily life. But, it's not the same is it? So here is the meat on the bones of activities here at FG Towers.

There has been a lot of work - in phases as always. A batch of rush chairs followed by a set of Wegner's Wishbones, then endless cane work, every conceivable thing from a day bed to a sunrise back. Next it will be four sets of Danish chairs, all different, plus eight various other chairs, that's August and September gone.

No chance of a holiday then!

We have also finally been able to rebuild the workshop, well sort of. There's a new felt roof complete with raised twinwall roof lights - not a moment too soon as the old corrugated plastic one was leaking and rattling on its fixings in a storm. There were a few occasions when I was convinced that the whole thing would rip off and disappear into the garden, but it didn't and I'm very happy about that. We also fitted a new double glazed door to the back wall which is great, no more freezing cold easterly wind whistling through the old wooden door and it gives a lovely glow of morning light for the "dirty working" end of the studio.

What else.....oh yes, more bespoke woven pieces for design houses. I really enjoy this aspect, I'm loving the creative, problem solving needed to imagine and then make something that doesn't already exist. Keeps the grey matter from fermenting, hopefully!

Most requests are for lampshades at the moment, but I have a lot more ideas in my head....just need the time to do it all now.

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