Friday, 29 July 2011

A boot sale book!

Last weekend we did a boot sale. Mother in Law's house is now nearly empty, so we have what seems like tons of things to dispose of most of which is too good to throw away. The money raised is also very welcome, nursing homes, (especially demetia care nursing) are not cheap!! There's nothing of great value to sell, but even the 50p's add up and it feels good to be able to add a few hundred pounds to the care home pot from the last few months efforts.

But when at a boot sale I can't help myself.....I just have to have a wander......I found this on my travels.

A 1949 book of basketry by Dryad Press! What makes it even better for me is Mr Crampton is working with centre cane reed all the way through the book. I'm chuffed. This little passage made me smile.....

"The beginner finds enough difficulties in his way and should be warned against low-priced and poor quality material. The real craftsman prefers to select his cane, irrespective of price, because it not only saves time but produces a superior article. You cannot do good work with poor materials"

Love it! A man definitely after our own hearts and way ahead of his time! I'm looking forward to spending some serious time with this man's book.

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