Sunday, 29 August 2010

Stock Gaylard Oak Fair 2010

It all came together beautifully! After a superb bright red sunset and a night of showers on Friday, Saturday dawned bright and blue. This was the view from Bernard's ramp on Friday evening.

The long avenue of oak trees looked stunning in the late Summer sunshine, not a breath of wind moved the branches. At 10 o'clock the visitors streamed in, the oak avenue and the surrounding fields soon filled with people. There was a lot to see. The fair was bursting with inspiring craftspeople and artists.

Opposite us was a man who had made the most beautiful "rocking creatures" for children - an elephant and a rhino, they attracted a great deal of attention and quite rightly so!

We only managed to weave seats onto a couple of footstools, (we were a bit busy) but this was one of them.

It's made from hazel coppiced in our garden five years ago and now has a green rush seat with beige chevrons.

We also met a couple of fellow bloggers, it was lovely to finally meet people face to face that in some ways you feel you already know a little. A great day all round, except when we came to leave.....Bernard wouldn't start, he had a flat battery. Luckily we were parked on a hill and it took seven of us to push him down the slope to bump start the engine!! The trouble with old trucks........

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