Wednesday 1 September 2010

Missed targets

We came close to doing all of the jobs set as targets recently but didn't quite make it - the target was a bit ambitious to say the least. The two arms of the bergere armchair did get cane woven into them, the Danish chair seats were started, one close woven seat was finished and I did make some more baskets. Now I'm working on a second HUGE close woven porch rocker seat.

The frame is stamped "Carolina Rocker" under one arm, so it has definitely crossed the pond from the US. It is so large compared with English rockers and incredibly heavy. The weaving is taking me forever even using a "steamer".....

We're still working in the office and kitchen as the garage/workshop rebuild is not due to begin properly until 10 days time, but at least we have been told that it WILL be finished in about 5 weeks. Huh, so much for wanting a workspace back in 6 weeks all told!!

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