Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Baskets, Danish Cord and a Hat

Busy week. Still no workshop and as a result, bedlam everywhere else around the place.

With less than two weeks until our next event - the Oak Fair at Stock Gaylard - we have been working hard not just on clients furniture, but also on some interesting bits and pieces for the demonstration. A few experiments were called for, like a "Paper Hat"! One of our friends called it a "Paper Pith Helmet", perhaps he should be an "ex" friend! Also some splint basketry, just for a change.

We are still overrun with Danish chairs, (which is a good thing). This time double rail Wegner designed teak and beech dining chairs.

The target for the middle of next week is to finish at least two close woven cane chairs, weave two arms of a bergere armchair, do some more basketweaving, finish the metamorphic desk restoration and reseat six standard single rail Danish chairs. You can't judge failure or success unless you have a target!

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