Monday, 9 August 2010

Oak Danish chairs with black cord seats

No more progress on the workshop - yet......But despite the lack of space, we did manage to finish the set of eight Danish chairs. This set are a little bit different for us, partly because they made out of oak not the usual teak and our client wanted the seats re-woven using black Danish cord. They look stunning. The contrast between the pale wood and the black seats is striking, it makes it even harder to believe that these chairs are getting on for 40 years old, they look so modern.

Just imagine a full set of these around the table - very chic!

Another basket is finished, this time I got carried away with a seaside/ship theme.

Something a bit different, I've really enjoyed making this one.


Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the Danish cord seats Kim, where you do get the black, though? We here in the States can't get it here, as far as I know.

Kim said...

Hi Cathryn, the black Danish cord we stock is made here in the UK and most of it ends up being shipped to Scandanavia! I'm surprised it isn't available in the US.

Derek said...

Hi Kim, i'm in the US and just started looking for the black Danish cord. could you share where you source it from -- i'm happy to contact them and have it sent overseas. thank you!

Kim said...

Hello Derek. Our source is the manufacturer not a wholesaler, we order by the production run. If you are looking to order a pallet or more please e-mail me through our website, I can give you details. Shipping small amounts is uneconomical unfortunately.