Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Power cuts

Yesterday was a disaster! At 7am the electricity went off and didn't come back on until 9.30am, then it stuttered and failed every 3 minutes or so until lunchtime when finally it seemed to be sorted out. We had power then until 4pm, when it went off again. Nightmare! We didn't dare to switch on the computers, the heating didn't work because of the electric pumps and timer controls and I had to dash up into the attic clutching a torch to find our old phone, the only one we have that doesn't need an electrical supply to work. I'm sure that some people tried to phone us but couldn't get through because nothing was working properly - sorry if that was you! By 4.30pm it was dark, so we had 10 candles lit and our wind up radio for company. Two customers turned up to collect things and found the sight of us fumbling around looking for things in candlelight quite entertaining and romantic at the same time! The electricity company had a recorded message on their helpline, our area had serious supply problems and there would be no power until mid to late evening as they had emergency repairs to carry out to their equipment. Great - and last night was the coldest we have had so far this winter, between -3 and -5 degrees C.

A bit of a wake up call really, you don't miss something until you no longer have it. It has made us even more determined to set up our own green heating and lighting from renewable sources - watch this space! I sent up a little prayer when I woke up this morning to see the comforting glow of the electric alarm clock.

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