Monday, 21 December 2009


A happy and peaceful holiday to everyone! It's a very cold Winter here in Dorset this year, we even have some snow which is unusual. It's very pretty, but causes chaos on the roads and with the postal deliveries, I suppose we're just not geared up for it here. Last year we had snow that only stayed for two days, I rushed out and took some piccies.


The workshop is just too cold to work in at the moment so it's a chance to catch up on all of the administration that tends to get ignored in the warmer months. We shall stop working on Christmas Eve and hopefully not do too much until the New Year begins, a welcome break! Meanwhile I have some shopping to do and a lot of visiting to catch up on. Most of the finished furniture has gone home now so finally we may be able to return the dining room to a state fit for Christmas and Boxing Day meals in front of the open fireplace.

Even the cactus has put on a beautiful show for us this year.

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willowpool said...

Hi Folks
Hope that you are keeping warm this Christmas. We have still got really bad road conditions here in Kendal. Yesterday we went out for a great snowy walk for 4 hours. Today it is grey and overcast and threatening more snow. The golden willows in our garden look beautiful against the snow.
See you next year!!
Steve & Simone xx