Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The best laid plans.....

Well as seems to always be the case at Christmas, things are not quite going to plan. It is almost as if the moment a clear space opens up, there are events waiting in the wings to rush in and fill the void. We've had a sad time, yesterday we were at the funeral of a village neighbour that we have known for 29 years and today, we are travelling to the Cotswolds to visit my ailing mother in law in hospital. She has dementia and it seems can no longer live on her own. It has happened so quickly - she is only 75 and was always so "with it".

We can't wait to see her, she seems quite bright on the phone, which makes the diagnosis even harder to bear. Perhaps we shall understand more about her condition by this evening.

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Janet Noall USA said...

The Davenport is lovely !! Lucky you !