Saturday, 28 November 2009

The U3A course

We had a lovely time at the library yesterday. Everyone bought a project along and we discussed each in turn, everything from stripping and re-finishing a metamorphic table to re-weaving a rush seated fender stool. We also spent some time discussing buying at auction, or more to the point, what NOT to buy. How to spot really serious problems that would cost too much in time and money to restore. Then we had a tea break and afterwards split into two groups, one to discuss restoration techniques and one to try out the steamer method of caning a chair. The time flew by!

This lovely gentleman bought along a steamer chair and his cat mauled fender stool!

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Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

What a wonderful idea that was for you to hold classes in your local library! Every so often over here in the US, our local historical society asks an antique appraiser to give a "lesson" or "class" where people can bring in a small item for an appraisal. Thanks for posting this, it's given me some great ideas!

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