Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thinking about next Summer and a Davenport desk.

It's only November and already the paperwork has started to arrive for next years shows - much earlier than normal. It seems strange to think about next Summer's events when outside the wind is blowing a gale and it is dark at half past four, but that's what we're doing! Hopefully the diary will be completed by February next year at this rate, which will give us much more preparation time than usual.

Meanwhile thanks to "de-cluttering" the work has begun on some of our own bits of furniture that have been waiting for a bit of TLC for a long time. First patient is a lovely burr walnut veneer Davenport desk. It's a really pretty rococo shape with carved front supports and overall is not too bad. The only real problem is that at some stage someone has removed the contents of the top stationery compartment, so I have to build it from scratch. Luckily it's not the first time I've had to do this so at least I'm prepared for the time it will take! There is so much "waiting time" with this kind of work, things like drying of glue and laying veneer patches, so it's the ideal job to fit in around seat weaving.

So far the first couple of separators have been made from reclaimed Victorian half inch thick mahogany. Remains to be seen how much further along I get by tomorrow.....

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