Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cane panels

Just like the glut of close canework a few weeks ago and Danish furniture before that, the latest influx of work seems to be all pre-woven or "slab" cane panel replacement. Virtually all of the seats so far have been from the typical black framed Bauhaus/Habitat chrome framed dining chairs. Strange how fashions go in waves, the 60's/70's and black are back!

The trouble is most of the time it's only the seat that needs replacing on a chair, not the back, so you end up having to colour the new cane to match the old stuff, so the next (mucky) stage is to tint them to the right shade. We keep the old cut out panels for reference.

So another days wait now until they're dry enough to seal............ back to the Davenport restoration.

I'm nearly there now, the polishing process has begun! All of the silly little bits of missing veneer are replaced and the loose areas relaid. I've received the new brass gallery for the top from the manufacturer and already have the skiver writing slope leather cut and tooled. Can't wait to re-assemble it finally.

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