Monday, 27 September 2010

Another weekend.

It's Monday and yet again we haven't stopped.

Last weekend was a marathon, on Saturday morning we travelled the 100 or so miles to mother in laws house. The property needs to go on the market soon and there is still a lot of organising to do. We picked up paperwork, cleaned furiously for two hours, checked in with the neighbours, then following a swift change of clothes, we left to go to my best friend's marriage blessing ceremony at 3pm a further 40 miles north. I think we must have hit every traffic jam in the World and as a result arrived 15 minutes late. It was lovely to see everyone again, but was all too brief - we had to leave at 5pm to get home at a reasonable time. Meanwhile in our absence, work continued on the new garage/workshop.

This Saturday was a repeat journey north, this time to meet with all of the family members at the house to do as much sorting out as we could. There were seven of us, but it still took about 6 hours to make any impact on the house clearance. We were home by 8pm. Sunday was catch up time for shopping - we hardly had any food in the house! Needless to say we both slept very well last night.

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