Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I spoke too soon

Serves me right for being so smug, thinking we wouldn't see any more close canework for ages - a set of six lapping cane seats arrived last week that we had forgotten to put in the diary! There's been enough time to do five of them so far. It's not especially difficult work, but very time consuming and tedious, you just have to take a break every so often and do something else......anything else.

The very large Danish sideboard in the background has gone home now, so at last there is more free space in the workshop, but it's already in danger of filling up with other things. Everyone seems to have Christmas in the back of their minds, all of the enquiries for restoration are starting off with, " rush, but it would be nice if it could be done by Christmas.." I'm not keen on this time of the year. Apart from the cold, dark and damp it's the thought of the stress of the "deadline jobs" that in the past have been collected as late as Christmas Eve. Don't really want to be in that position this year.

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