Friday, 16 October 2009


Must catch up with household stuff this weekend and then get out into the garden to prepare everything for the Winter. There's a long list of things to do, hedge trimming, splitting old woody plants, planting bulbs, digging over the vege patch plus the usual lawn mowing and edging.

We've always had a vege patch, but have never grown Jerusalem artichokes before this year - so it came as a surprise to find that on average they grow up to 2.5 metres tall. Nobody could have told our plants that they're supposed to stop at that height, because now they are now about 12 feet tall! What concerns us even more is that they are showing no real signs of dying back and it's October, they've been in the ground since March.

We have a theory, either they will have roots like footballs, or all of their effort has gone into producing these huge plants with pretty sunflowers and we shall end up with pea sized roots. Either way, we love artichokes.

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