Wednesday, 7 October 2009

DIY kits, Danish furniture and Synthetics.

What a couple of days we've had. Everyone seems to want kits just now, so much of the time has been spent making up orders and loads of extra bits and pieces for the show at the weekend. We also grasped the nettle of finally weighing, measuring and "decanting" the synthetic materials into sensible quantities, especially plastic hand cane for canoeists. The air has taken on a strange shade of blue here, and the rest of the household are keeping out of the way - trying to measure materials and then make them sit into nice neat rounds isn't fun, in fact it is purgatory. But, it has to be done!

One set of Danish furniture went home today and the huge sideboard is finished, so I may get some space back in the workshop soon, fingers crossed. Tomorrows another day, back to sorting out for this weekend.

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