Sunday 8 May 2016

Life Changes

It's been a long time since I gave any updates here, hope you'll forgive us. There have been so many changes in both our business and private life that I don't quite know where to begin.

We have been overwhelmed with work for the last year or so, some very enjoyable and interesting projects like the design of a Danish cord seat for a very beautiful rocking chair hand made for the "Masterpiece" exhibition in Chelsea. It attracted a great deal of interest, so much that we have four more similar chairs awaiting seats in the next couple of months. We decided not to take part in any exhibitions for a year, hoping that we could keep ahead of the workload and maybe take some time off.

Fluggadugga was accepted by the Crafts Council Directory.

Elle magazine included Former Glory in their "Secret Address Book".

And some famous people were photographed by Vanity Fair under the Chiltern Firehouse lampshades.

Some fame perhaps, but not a lot of fortune necessarily.....

After my last post in July of 2015 we were beginning to enjoy a few weekends away and visits to friends - the lovely bonus of not having to work every Bank Holiday at an exhibition. And then at the end of August a bombshell dropped. Our youngest son had just settled back into a new life here in Dorset after a period of working away. He started to feel unwell....... the diagnosis was acute leukaemia.

It has been a rollercoaster ride over the last eight months or so, chemotherapy and cancer treatment in general is very difficult. However, our son has been a superstar - totally positive in attitude. He had a brilliant Consultant and amazing care in hospital. I won't go into detail, but thanks to the progress medical science has made, our eldest son was found to be a perfect bone marrow stem cell donor, so in March of this year our youngest son had a transplant to "reboot" his faulty system. Thankfully he is now at home recuperating. Fingers well and truly crossed for a disease free future.

There's still a long journey to make back to "normal", (whatever that is) but there is a light burning bright at the end of that tunnel. How lucky we are to have two such incredible sons.

Sometimes life throws lemons, so we make lemonade - by the gallon.


WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

So! So! Nice!To hear/read from you again...!
Though...Rather upsetting news about your
youngest son..Not very nice at all..But, on
the good side, your eldest had the perfect
stem cells...Brilliant!
Can l wish him, and all of you the very best
for the future, just remember....
'Onwards and Upwards'.
You all take care now! AND...Keep making that

Kim said...

Thank you Willie! We will keep making that lemonade, promise x