Wednesday 5 October 2011

Getting ready for the Woodfair at Larmer Tree.

Today is Wednesday and we will be at the Cranborne Chase Woodfair at Larmer Tree Gardens on Saturday - pretty straightforward stuff you'd think - except as I sit here and type, Bernard the horsebox, a crucial part of our stand display has once again failed his annual "plating" test (MOT). He is currently sitting in a commercial workshop awaiting a retest. Now this may or may not happen by Saturday and he may or may not pass the test ....panic .....noooo!

Meanwhile the show preparations and client work continue. We finished the seat of the "Denims" stool yesterday evening, decided to go mad with mixed media and added in some French style hand wrapped coils of denim blue straw to the rushwork. I'm quite pleased with it, but my other half's jury is out!

Well you've got to admit it's something a bit different!! We've also made a much simpler version without the extra "leg". I've got to own up and say that making this has been fun and a challenge that I've really enjoyed. Persuading a few bent branches to hold together in a frame that can support a seat top is like doing a jigsaw puzzle that has some very oddly shaped pieces and without a photo of the finished thing. was fun!


RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Love it! The blue and the terracotta colors look great together.Working with twigs is never straight forward. ;)

Jan said...

The blue is lovely, and I love the extra leg, a bit like 'Jake the Peg'

I got your message, thank you, I don't know what's happening with blogger, it's not being consistent at the mo, I've twiddled around with it so here's hoping.

Jan x

Kim said...

Thank you "Twigs" I'm glad you like it. You're absolutely right about it not being straighforward though!!

Jan, I've tried again but Blogger's not having any of it!! I'll try anon setting next time.


Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Hi Kim,

Just subscribed again to your blog and was reading through some of the more recent posts when I came across this lovely, colorful rustic footstool. Love it, love it, love it!

P.S. Could you change my website listing over there in the right sidebar to reflect my blog? I finally switched over from Blogger and put the blog on my own website.

Thanks! Cathryn

Kim said...

Hi Cathryn, I finally got around to changing the link - hope it works now.