Monday, 14 May 2012

A new week

Well Mum in Law's funeral took place on Wednesday, so needless to say that this week has been topsy turvy. But a new week has dawned now and we are back to work with a vengeance. Life has to go on.

We spent what turned out to be a lovely sunny, warm weekend sorting out rattan again. We've got tons of the stuff. Everything from 32cm diameter Tohiti to fine 2mm golden Palembang. The problem is that most of it is over 15 feet long and our courier will only deliver parcels measuring up to 10 feet. Going to have to get our thinking caps on and work out what quantities we can retail! This is just a very small sample of what we have - the "overspill" in the horsebox yesterday morning before we sorted through it all....

We took most of it to the yard where there are now two very full containers!

I've bought some odd lengths of various poles home to the workshop so that I can experiment, a local journalist has asked me to do some bits for an outdoor feature in a magazine this August - could be fun!

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