Saturday, 11 February 2012

Snow and panier prototypes

First snow of the year and it confused our resident blackbird "Mrs B", she really struggled to separate the bread from the snow yesterday.

It has been so cold and damp, but we soon warmed up when we had to move a massive pile of boxes into the store, a delivery of weaving materials weighing in at just under a ton. Hard work - so why does it always seems to happen on a Friday when you're already worn out?

Had a lovely afternoon working with a student from Bournemouth Uni who is entering her work into a competition in New Zealand. She wanted to make a pair of crinoline paniers for her design, so she made a mini prototype.

She left with an armful of cane to make the full size version. I hope she wins the competition, if it was based on enthusiasm and commitment she'd win hands down! It's great to see such creativity, I'll keep you posted on how she gets on.

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