Monday, 28 November 2011

The grand sort out!

I haven't mentioned it before, but for the last few weeks we have been sorting things out. For months and months we have not only been working full time, (and a bit more) as normal, but have also been trying to deal with the issues that were raised by Mother in Law's dementia and eventual move into a nursing home. As a result of all the travelling to and fro, extra correspondence, decorating and generally preparing her house for sale, our own home had become seriously neglected in the process. The workshop and storeroom were also untidy thanks simply to the lack of spare time available to put things back where they belonged. Stupid things like not disposing of cardboard boxes and general packaging materials had meant that we were running out of space! So a month ago we steeled ourselves to begin the colossal task of sorting everything out.

I always find that hard work gets easier if you can have a laugh. We did find one or two things that were just so peculiar that there was nothing else to do BUT laugh. For example, can anyone explain to me why this box was found in the far corner of the store?

A box of random stuff. Some guttering, draught excluder and rams horns! How this lot ever got put together in one box I've no idea and how they ever came to be buried under everything else is another mystery. Blame it on the pixies!

However hard and however long it took us to clear out I can honestly say it was worth it. I've even got a pot plant in my workshop now!

I've actually got some spare space in the client "waiting room"

And as for the materials store........well........

Space!!! And it was there all the time......

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