Sunday, 2 January 2011

Goodbye to the metamorphic desk

With all of the cold weather and snow, a lot of our customers were just not able to collect work that we had finished for them before Christmas. So last week the easier driving conditions meant a flurry of activity with people finally being able to come and take their furniture home for the New Year. One of the pieces that went home was the really unusual metamorphic desk. It has taken a long time to do, partly because we demolished the workshop when I was halfway through the job so ended up not having anywhere to work on it for three months and because this type of work ALWAYS takes longer than you expect. Anyway, we were pleased with the result if not a bit sad to see it go home.

It was way back in April this year that work began with this blog post here: Seems like a lifetime ago now! We only work on small furniture these days and only do about two or three of these more complex projects each year, this type of work is probably the most fulfilling for me, but it is just so time consuming that it would be difficult to justify doing more. If you want to know more about the spectrum of restoration work we do, have a look here:

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