Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bernards ready for another Summer!

It's the story of our lives......another job that took so much longer than we expected, but Bernard is finally looking very dapper.........and not a moment too soon. Last week saw the final blasting and sanding of the mahogany followed by bleaching and washing

We were still re-oiling the woodwork, cleaning the interior and polishing the cab on Sunday morning, just before we packed all of our food, clothes and exhibition needs! Originally the plan was to be "on the road" to Sherborne Castle by 3pm, but it was after 5.30pm when we left. We arrived at the venue at 6.30pm and were set up for the show by 8.30pm. By 9.30pm we had eaten dinner, listened to our wind-up radio for a while, then fell into bed exhausted by 10.30pm. We both woke at around 4.00am feeling intensely cold and then at 5.30am we woke again to the sounds of exhibitors arriving early to set up! Needless to say we didn't get much sleep overall. The show started at 10.00am and ended at 6.00pm. It was a very busy weekend indeed - as can be seen in our baggy eyes today. To see what Bernard looks like now, see our next post about the Sherborne Castle Country Fair.

I have loads of film of the whole restoration this year, so when I get the time I will post some of it on You Tube.

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