Sunday, 9 May 2010

A weekly update

What a week, so much to do and so little change there then! The weather has been too bad to work on Bernard, blustery wind and rain virtually every day, so our plans to have the horsebox woodwork stripped by now have been well and truly scuppered. Progress has been made though, 8 cane panels, a cane chair, two Wegner Wishbone chairs, three rush chairs, four Danish Moller seats and a drop-in pad were finished last week, then yesterday four seat pads were prepared for upholstery. It makes me tired just remembering.....

The pressure is on. The building regulation documents came through for the garage/workshop/house extension this week and our eldest son is keen to start work asap. He is a site/project manager by profession, but this is his first "baby", the first good sized project that he will oversee from start to finish on his own. There is of course the added bonus for him that he will gain his own en-suite bathroom to his bedroom! His first action is to take down MY WORKSHOP AREA!!! The strict instruction is, "you've got 6 weeks max and I want it back". Equally I know that it is not going to be easy for him because the roof of the new garage/workshop extension ties in with the house extension - it's all a bit complicated.

On top of this we collected the advertising leaflets for Dorset Art Weeks and the "Meet the Artist" evening tickets from Stewarts Garden Centre yesterday and last week sorted out the details for demonstrating at the CLA Game Fair - the sudden realisation dawned that our show season begins in just 3 weeks time and we have at least one large show a month until October.

We'd better get a wiggle on then. Linda, I hope you're reading this - now you know why we need help!!

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