Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Cat House

I know I said that I wanted to play with some new creative ideas, but wasn't expecting one of the projects to be a Cat House!

We have two elderly cats, Sybil and Rodney. Sybil is Rodney's Mum, she was born in September 1992, Rodney in April 1996, so they are almost 18 and 14 now! For many years we would breed two litters of persians a year, it was my passion, a hobby, I loved it. But to look after any animal properly takes a lot of time and for the last few years we haven't had any time to spare. Sadly my hobby had to come to an end. So just these two lovely old moggies remain - the last of the line and I was there when each of them drew their first breath. Neither of the cats have ever been allowed to wander, they are either in the house, in the Cat House just outside the kitchen door, or in the garden with us. From their  outside house they can watch us through the kitchen window from their various perches when we're cooking. And they can moan at us when they think they're being ignored!

Anyway, the weather was so good on Saturday that I thought it was high time I did a bit of reorganisation in their run. The cats were ushered into the kitchen whilst I demolished everything and started a rebuild of their house, I got a bit carried away..........

So they now have a window on the World! The orange box is temporary until I can make them a new enclosed bedroom. When that was finished, I thought I'd give them some scratching posts and perches.

Trouble is neither of them wants to climb the tree yet! But they're quite keen on the child sized wheelbarrow.

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