Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A rainy weekend.

We're happy to be back in the nice warm workshop, it's Midsummer but no-one seems to have told the weather! The weekend at the Three Counties Show was cold, damp and sometimes very windy which is always a shame when so much effort has gone into organising such a big event. Nevertheless the visitors arrived in large numbers and had a good time. As ever the entertainment in the arenas was stunning, there was pole climbing, highland pipers, jive pony, birds of prey flights....allsorts. Then of course there are the sheds full of cattle, goats, sheep and ......pigs! I love pigs.

We did loads of work, two drop in rush seats, three rush spindle back chairs and four footstools so we were kept busy. The weather was a nuisance. When the wind and rain came at the same time, everything had to be moved right to the back of our stand or else it would be soaked, then the sun would come out and we'd move it all back again. Exhausting! Then I'd be polishing out any water marks and it's not easy to french polish in a field. Anyway the weather did make things interesting, look at this picture of the Malvern hills from Bernard's ramp. The sun had just come out after a heavy downpour of rain, it was suddenly really hot and steamy.

Can you see what looks like little clouds in the hillside? Well here's a close up of those clouds.

It's steam rising from the trees, the whole hill looked like it had caught fire! It only lasted a few minutes but it was surreal.

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