Monday, 26 July 2010

The CLA Game Fair - Part 1

It was a long weekend but thoroughly enjoyable. Bernard scooted along nicely covering the 140 mile journey in about three and a half hours with only the occasional pop and bang backfire! Ragley Hall near Alcester and Stratford in Warwickshire is a beautiful stately home with a perfect setting, just look at the view we had from our area, (we're on the right!).......

The view over the main arena was even better at night.....

As ever, it was great to meet up with crafty friends, some of whom we haven't seen since the Game Fair last year. Peter Tree is one person we only meet there, he makes fantastic Windsor chairs and was demonstrating how he creates the shaped seat bases using an adze. Here are some of his creations.

In the background of this picture you can see Bill's handmade trugs. He was demonstrating his trug making skills all day to an interested audience.

We had to move our stand around a bit at the end of the first day as sadly the bushcraft exhibitor couldn't make it because a family member had had an accident, so everyone helped us to move Bernard, all of our exhibits and the gazebo across to fill the void left by his absence. Thanks everyone!!

We're feeling the pain today - although we were in one of the quieter areas of the show, we were still on our feet all day working as usual, it plays havoc with your feet and back. You also realise just how little you talk when you are at home as compared with being at an event, both of us have got croaky voices today - partly due to the dust on site and partly through talking to customers and friends so much!! Tomorrow we will be receiving a one tonne delivery of materials, so we've both got to be fully recovered by then.

Loads more news and photos to post this week in the Game Fair report, instalment number two.......

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