Sunday, 4 October 2009

Finished cleaning, then the Woodpecker arrived

My fingernails have rarely been so clean and white! It was the bleach, we used half a bottle of it to scrub Bernard's interior mercilessly to bring it up to scratch. The ramp, cab and bodywork have been pressure washed and polished, not an ounce of mud remains. The bed linen is washed and the tinned food stacked in the cupboard, all that's left now is to pack our clothes and stock for next weekend. We'll leave that until Thursday, we're both exhausted!

I was just writing this and relaxing here with the heat pad on my back in the office, when a green woodpecker landed just outside on the lawn - what a treat! I took this photo.

I'm really pleased it came out because the photo was taken through a double glazed window with the camera on full zoom. We see a lesser spotted woodpecker in the garden almost every day, he loves one branch of the Oak tree, but we've hardly ever seen a green one, that's really cheered me up and made my day special!

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