Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bernard's Bath

One week to go before the last exhibition of 2009 for us and Bernard needs a thorough clean up. The weather was so bad at the Great Dorset Steam Fair that the mud and damp got into everything, especially the ramp. This weekend has therefore been allocated to "do the dirty deed" and give Bernard a bath. Blandford mud dries like china clay, it sticks solidy and won't come off easily. When you do manage to finally dissolve it, it turns into a chalky beige slick and takes three or four washes to remove.

So, this weekend please think of us, we will be removing ultra dry, baked on Blandford mud from the inside and outside of a 19 foot long, 10 foot tall truck! It'll keep us busy for a while and to add to the fun, it looks like it's going to rain all day today. With a bit of luck by Monday we will have a sparkling "after" photo...

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