Thursday, 29 October 2009

Back to the traditional

It's quite strange how things go sometimes - for months you might not see a single close woven chair and then, like buses they all come at once, which is what has happened to us over the past few weeks. For some time now we have also seen more "modern" 20th Century seats for re-weaving than you would normally expect, but it seems that the tide may be turning. This week has been "traditional" week. Loads of hand woven rush and cane seated Victorian chairs have arrived and the enquiries have also been for more traditional antique restoration work. Could it be something to do with the recession I wonder? Perhaps people are more concerned with looking after their antiques now as an investment. Either way, it keeps us busy thank goodness!

These three seats are today's work, they're still very wet but should dry by tomorrow. The weather is so very mild for this time of the year, 17 degrees yesterday - unheard of in late October! There have been some stunning sunsets, here was one I snapped last week...

For me, nothing quite compares with a beautiful sunset.

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