Sunday, 25 October 2009

The big declutter operation

It had to start sometime, so now is as good a time as any! Next week will see the beginning of our massive "Declutter Campaign", 30 years of marriage, (anniversary next week) and 22 years in the same house occupied by four human squirrels certainly add up to a lot of history and acquisitions. Add to this the 25 years of restoration work and the detritus that attracts, there's an awful lot to do. There'll be a lot of soul searching - where on earth do you start?

The big things that are no longer needed will go first, probably through auction or private sale, then we can tackle the backlog of our own furniture in need of restoration, like the old saying, "the cobbler's children are always ill shod", we have definitely neglected our own things.

Then we'll tackle the smaller things, the idea is to have boxes for those, one for the charity shop, one for the rubbish dump and one "I don't know what to do with this" box. Sooner or later it's bound to make a difference - I hope. We've already started the painful process this weekend, walking around the house picking out things and saying, "keep or not keep". How much easier it would be if there weren't four opinions to take into consideration.

We're just going to have to be brutal!


hbs1991 said...

I don't understand? Are you closing up shop, or just cleaning out, so that you have room to walk? Now I can understand that perfectly, well intentioned people leave chairs from buy and sells and yard sales, that the owners say they are going to toss, so people brings these and leave on my studio door step, some have been good, most are beyond even a heaven sent miracle. I put them back saying "ONE DAY", until there is no rooom, then you have to clean out and say good bye, to them.

Mitchell Webster

The Bottomer said...

Hi Mitchell, it's good to hear from you! No, we'll never close up shop, (not for as long as we are blessed with good health anyway), but like you say we are clearing out, we have got to the point where we need to say goodbye to a lot of things, the space is more important!