Monday, 12 March 2012

Did I sleep through another week?

Where does the time go? Seriously I can't believe how quickly the weeks have passed by. What is it they say, time flies when you're enjoying yourself?

We are very busy indeed which is probably why the days all melt together, but with Spring apparently already here, it's difficult to not want to be outside and enjoy it, at least a little bit. We did spend a few very productive hours outside over the weekend, sealing rush chair seats.....again! A couple of weeks ago it was 50 seat pads for a restaurant, this weekend it was the 45 chapel chairs for St. Michael's Mount. I'm not usually happy or keen to show us in photos, but here's an exception.

This was taken by our son just before we began the task of sealing them all. By the time we'd finished the sun was setting. We are feeling proud of ourselves that we managed to finish this batch ahead of target. This photo's for posterity!

On Sunday my youngest son and I went to a local garden centre for lunch, it was a couple of hours of sheer bliss. We even bought an apple tree and then fell about laughing whilst trying to make it fit into his VERY small car. We did it and "Stewart" as the tree is now christened, is planted in the garden and has already started to bud. I'm looking forward to watching "him" grow, he has two different varieties of apple spliced onto one main root stock - two flavours for the price of one!

And to sum up the weekend, a photo of my "bargain basement bulbs" from last year.

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