Saturday, 31 March 2012

A sunny end to March

It has been a glorious week, temperatures in the late teens and early twenty degrees centigrade - fantastic! It meant that we could empty the store shed and sort everything out without worrying about things getting wet. Well this was the scene on day one.

And this is only half of it! All of these chairs need work, some more than others, but it was so good to be able to get them all out and check them over before cleaning and re-stacking them in the now much tidier shed.

We need more space....again! One day was spent doing the aforementioned shed reorganisation, another day, (the hottest of the week) was spent sorting out our other lock up store at our friends yard. I was burning rubbish until 4pm, oh boy was it hot! I couldn't wait to jump in the bath when I got home. Never mind, we now have one very clean store.

So why the frantic activity you may ask? Well we have some materials arriving next week....

This is one stack, there is another! More details about this lot later in the week, but a little bird tells me it may SNOW on Wednesday!

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