Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Three Counties Show

We're home again! Bernard is running so much better now, the trip to Malvern for the show was a dream. Trouble is he is running so well that he doesn't want to go slowly. At 50mph he thunders along happily, but at 20-30mph he judders and spits, there's always a challenge with an old truck!!

The Three Counties Show was beautifully organised as ever. Fabulous scenery and first rate entertainment for the visitors. Jive-Pony did their breathtaking acrobatics on horseback, (website here) Adams Axemen demonstrated their lumberjack skills (website here), birds of prey flew for their handlers and hunting dogs showed off their abilities to retrieve - all of this was in just one of the arenas!

The Malvern hills are just beautiful, here is a photo taken from the truck on the way to the show:

And here is a hang glider/parachutist riding the thermals over the peaks:

There are lots of tempting things at the show..........a man can dream can't he?

But for me the best part of the whole show is..........................

The livestock! Especially the pigs.

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