Tuesday, 29 June 2010

An empty workshop

It took us virtually all weekend, but the garage and workshop are empty. The studio is now overflowing with surplus furniture, things that we couldn't bear to put out of the way and into storage at the yard.

It's amazing what you find when you're clearing out, stuff we'd completely forgotten about. We found some terrific bits and pieces buried under mountains of other stuff. A great 1950's floor standing anglepoise lamp, several pretty cane and rush chairs, but best of all this chair that we bought at auction in 2006!

It is a design by Ernest Gimson from 1902 called the "Pass" chair. I just love it. Every part of it shows the marks of hand working. Look at the pressure marks where the back legs were steam bent and shaped:

And the tool marks on the back of the splats:

Can't wait to start work on it now, rediscovering it was like meeting an old friend after a 10 year break! There are more photos posted on our photostream at:


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