Monday, 14 June 2010

Getting ready for the Three Counties Show

Dorset Art Weeks at Stewarts Garden Centre was a great success. The weather was fine for both weekends, not a drop of rain so we were able to work out in the open air. It was lovely to meet and chat with all of the other crafters, artists and designers too. Nina with her super animal portraits - I loved her pigs! Then Tiggy's stitchery with the rich colours of India, I bought some great beads from her to use in a basket.

So now onto the next...... The Three Counties Show is held at the Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire from this Friday until Sunday. It is a stunning location nestling in the Malvern hills, but it's a long way to travel from Dorset. Today our friend Phil has had a look at Bernard and changed his leads and plugs - as a result the tinkling noise from the engine has miraculously disappeared and he seems at bit more powerful! Hopefully we will be able to get to Worcestershire a bit quicker this time than the last and on less fuel. We've spent most of the day cleaning out and preparing the inside for the weekend so that I can get back into the workshop for at least two days to finish off some more work before we have to leave again. I'm desperate to make some more baskets!

This is us at Malvern 5 years ago!

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