Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Soggy.....but successful!

Of all the days! No rain for weeks, then a downpour.....ALL DAY, it was such a shame. But this is England and we expect adverse weather, don't we? In typical British fashion the supporters of the Sherborne show were not going to let a bit of water stop their fun, oh no! Out with the brollies and wellies, four layers of clothing topped off with a waterproof jacket and away you go - no problem.

The show seemed busier than ever, almost as if everyone had come because of the rain! Jive pony, (website here) were performing in the main ring and even they stoically did their acrobatic equestrian act in leotards despite the pouring rain. They did have to scale down for the second performance when Ronan their gorgeous Highland pony seemed to have a bit of a problem with his shoulder, he was "retired" from the afternoon performance whilst the girls quickly put together a new one horse show, "on the hoof" so to speak!

So here we are drinking tea - lots of it, to keep warm. The lady standing next to my other half is Kath who trades as "Cradle to Grave". She is a highly talented basketmaker and yurt builder who very sensibly was nice and cosy working next to us protected from the weather in two linked yurts!

And the child sized rocker......? Well it still lives with me, for now.

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