Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I hate cleaning!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays - what great weather we've had and whatever people think about Royal Weddings, the pageantry was pretty impressive and Kate looked stunning didn't she? They look like one very happy couple.

Sadly we didn't get a lot of time to watch weddings or enjoy the sun, we were decorating and cleaning Mother in Law's house! It was over 16 months ago now that she went into a specialist care home following a sudden onset of seriously debilitating demetia, it came as quite a shock, I wrote about it here. But now, finally we have almost finished the total restoration of her house so that it can go on the market. As usual, our timing is awful for selling a house, but it has to be done, how else will the care home bill be paid.....??? So frustrating. Because of her condition the house was in an appalling state. She did employ someone occasionally to do cleaning, but as is often the case with elderly people, the need for company and a good chat got in the way of housework. So I have been CLEANING!!!

Spot the difference. There are two sets of three of these.

My knees ache from scuttling around washing all of the skirting boards, but you have to get this muck off before you can paint don't you? Everything has had to be scrubbed, bleached, polished and dusted to within an inch of it's life!! (...and that's just my hands...) Some restoration job, but nearly done now. Now we're back at work to have a rest, (hahaha).

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