Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rain stopped play

It's raining. Soda blasting the trucks woodwork is not the thing to do in this weather, we'd probably end up with a kind of soggy cake mixture in the gravel! So as it's supposed to be a sunny Bank Holiday tomorrow and the rain has stopped play for now, we'll switch back to some show and work preparation that we can do indoors.

I've finished one huge basket for the Dorset Art Weeks exhibition, (you'll be proud of me Cathryn - it's an antler inspired woven work, my first!) It measures virtually 19" in all directions because I got a bit carried away. I also have two more in the process of weaving, completely different from the "antler woven world", but still very large pieces - why couldn't I have come up with something smaller and therefore quicker to make?

So at last I get to do something a bit more artistic, modern and creative using those dying traditional skills! Back to the soggy workshop to do some more.


Weavin' Wicker Woman said...

Lookin' good there, Kim! What kind of antler was that, red deer maybe? Too slim and not palmated enough for a fallow, but possibly a small elk? I'm not familiar with the various kinds of deer you have over there though, so just guessing. Be interested to find out, so please let me know.

The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters

Anonymous said...

Hiya Cathryn, I think it's a red deer antler, I read somewhere that they grow longer antlers in the UK than elsewhere, (I wonder why?). We have red, roe, fallow and muntjac deer mainly - but I'm no expert!