Friday, 14 January 2011

Repairs to the Morris chairs

Ending the week with some real progress. The William Morris chairs looked like they were in pretty good condition......until we took the rush off the seats! It happens so often, a chair frame seems nice and firm and then the minute you take the seat off it it falls to pieces........ or worse.

Well worse it was with two out of the four chairs. The little child's chair had a broken back rail, we thought it looked very bowed before removing the rush but hoped perhaps it had just bent with pressure and age, but it hadn't. The usual problem, over the years people trying to replace the protective "rub rails" onto the seats edge had used larger and larger nails to try and fix them in place - the result, the poor old seat rails could take no more and the back one finally split. So a new replacement in beech was called for.

The same had happened with the armchair. The rush had been replaced before and the arms had been put back in at slightly the wrong angle, (and been nailed!!) so had caused stress cracks through both side rails.....ho hum!

All fixed now though, here is one we finished earlier.


Janet said...

Hi, I do not know the term "rub rails". Can you explain ? You have done such a beautiful job ! On the rail as well as the rush seat ! You guys rock !
Thanks for sharing,
Jan ( wickerwoman forum)

The Seat Bottomer said...

Hi Jan. Thanks for the compliments! The "rub rails" are the thin slats of wood that are nailed onto the edge of the seat after it's been re-woven - the one's that nearly always split when you take them off!

By the way, thank you for reminding me of the wonderful winter poem, it was very apt for the snowy weather we had last month.