Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Water, wind and the lack of electricity

Blogging has been out of the question for the last few days. Since Thursday when the new electricity consumer unit was fitted, we have had fun and games! All was well on Friday and Saturday, we actually managed to finish off some proper work - a couple of French chairs with an unusual seat weave, here's one finished and one about to be stripped:

and the rewrapping of a sweet little Liberty's Tudric teapot handle:

Then everything went "pear shaped".

On Sunday we were all set to start work in the workshop - the final push towards moving in properly - when the electricity tripped out! Our electrician tried really hard by phone to help us to sort the problem out, but the new consumer unit was having none of it. He decided he would come around to investigate......

A new problem, we had a neutral earth leak?!! After two hours, the electrician isolated the offending circuit so that at least we had heating and light throughout the house and power to three rooms. But none of us were any the wiser as to what the problem was. Yesterday he came back again and thanks to his many years of experience, he found the problems and thank goodness he did. There were two dangerously wired power points that we didn't even know existed - inside a wardrobe! We have been very lucky, because if at any time these two power sockets had overheated, there would have been a fire.........

Whilst all of this was going on and just to add insult to injury, we discovered a water leak in the new garage roof. A puddle had formed perfectly on the new boarding that we had only fitted on Saturday - right next to some electric wires! Frustrated we called the builder who came to investigate almost immediately. It was as we'd suspected, the freak wind and heavy rain was so intense on Saturday night that it had driven the water up and under the lead roof flashing.....remedial work will be done later this week, assuming it stops raining for long enough!!

We are so lucky to have such good people to look after us.

Back to normal now, so a lot of catching up to do.

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