Friday, 26 November 2010

So busy.........thank goodness

It might be because we're coming up to Christmas, or perhaps it's just our own fault for trying to do so many things at once, but there never seems to be any spare time at all - not even to put updates here on the blog.

So a quick catch up!

We are currently out of stock of thick paper fibre rush in "Antique" finish. A large consignment will be arriving within two weeks, so unfortunately any orders received cannot be processed until then. Apologies in advance for any problems this may cause. We do however have plenty of thin "Antique" and both thick and thin diameters of "River" paper fibre in stock.


Janet said...

Hi Former Glory !
What is the "Antique" fibre rush you are talking about ? We don't have that over here (USA) that I know of, anyway. Hope you get caught up !
And enjoy the Christmas season !

The Seat Bottomer said...

Thanks Jan, wishing you a happy Christmas holiday too and I hope it's warmer where you are than it is here!

The "Antique" fibre is made for us here in the UK, it's different to the paper rush available in the US. The cord is a natural beige colour that's randomly "mottled" with brown specks to look like old Dutch rush. "River" colour is green with the same brown speckles and looks like freshwater rush on a newly woven seat.

We've worked all weekend again so hopefully we'll catch up soon!