Thursday, 30 September 2010

The frog and toad!

We were minding our own business last night walking home through the village when my other half said "Look there, in the road - it's a frog!" Sure enough there was a small frog trying to cross the road. Now I'm stupid about things like this so I just had to pick up the frog and take him to safety before he got squished.

So, we continue our stroll homeward, I'm carrying the frog at arms length just in case he decides to....well, pee or something.... when other half says, "There's another one!" And there just squatting, right in the middle of the car tyre tracks, is a big fat toad. Well what could I do? So I risk life and limb, rush into the road and pick up the toad with my other hand. Now I'm walking home with both arms outstretched like a character from "Return of the Mummy".

We finally get home and I get my other half to take a pic:

Aren't they lovely?

I released them next to the pond in the garden. Frog spawn next year maybe?

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Leanne said...

Lol, I got your message, and yes, I am proud of you- frog and toad rescuer extroadinaire!! (just the sort of thing I am always doing!!) well done!! :-)

Leanne x